Good things are happening with the NYACP

  • September 10, 2021: IACP program “Let’s Get Connected, IACP & NYACP” with Brian Galbraith and Amy Skogerson. Don’t forget to register.
  • October 2021: “IACP forum” – Watch the virtual workshops & training sessions together.
  • December 2021: Program with Donna Hicks (in-person or virtual to be determined.)
  • Membership Committee note: Ellen Jancko-Baken has put together a tremendous group of people who are working on enhancing member benefits and also working with members to address concerns and help us do what we do better. Acknowledgements: Catherine Canade’, Michelle Lewis, Stephen Linker

Please contact Ken Novenstern, Melissa Goodstein, Abby Curro or any of the board members for more information.

Next NYACP board meeting: September 9, 2021