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While we strive for collaborative divorce and mediation processes, if it comes to it, we will stop at nothing to advocate for our clients

Divorce / Separation

Are you or your spouse looking for a divorce or separation?

We can help you navigate your choices. Whether it is a contested or un-contested divorce we work with you to find the process that best suits your situation so that you can reach an agreement to best support your transition into the next phase of your life.

Process Options

There are 3 main types of divorce / separation options, ‘Collaborative Divorce’, ‘Mediation’, and ‘Negotiation/Litigation.’

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Law is an alternate method of out-of-court dispute resolution where the parties and their attorney’s work together to resolve their issues without the possibility of court intervention clouding the picture.

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Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party called a “Mediator” works with a couple, as they move toward divorce, to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. A mediator does not represent either party. Each spouse may (and should) choose to be represented by their own attorney, but it is not required.

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Negotiation / Litigation

Though other methods of getting a divorce, such as Mediation and Collaborative Law are gaining in popularity, due to lower legal fees and reduction of emotional carnage, the majority of divorcing couples still choose the “traditional” model of litigated divorce.

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Post Judgment of Divorce

Are you already divorced and need to enforce or modify your existing Agreement or Judgment of Divorce?

When either party’s financial circumstances change, or a former spouse is not adhering to the guidelines laid out in your existing agreement, we can help ensure enforcement of your standing agreement or negotiate a new one.

Prenuptial Agreement

Are you planning on getting married and need structure and/or protection?

We’re experienced in this highly sensitive subject and can help plan and protect your assets as you move into this exciting phase of life.

Postnuptial Agreement

Are you already married but looking to set some parameters?

It’s never too late to put a plan in place.

To begin the process, reach out to us