Discover the captivating story of Kenneth Novenstern, Founder/Partner Fredman Baken & Novenstern, LLP, and a seasoned family law attorney whose passion extends far beyond the courtroom. In this episode of Beyond the Bar Podcast, host Denisa Tova delves into Ken’s fascinating dual life—balancing legal prowess with outdoor escapades. Explore Ken’s insights on collaborative law, his love for hiking, and dedicated community involvement, including his impactful work with the Alzheimer’s Association. Get ready for an enlightening conversation that celebrates the spirit of adventure and legal advocacy!

With offices in Mount Kisco and White Plains, NY, Fredman Baken & Novenstern, LLP, provides legal services including divorce, separation, custody related matters, and pre and post nuptial agreements. Ken Novenstern can be reached at (914) 997-9070 or (914) 241-2400. You can also send email or book a consultation through our contact page at Learn more at

Denisa Tova-Liebman is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Certified QDRO Specialist (CQS™), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™), and brings nearly 20 years of experience working with matrimonial attorneys. She has assisted in hundreds of matrimonial matters both in the US and internationally. Further solidifying her role as a thought leader in the field, she initiated the “Beyond the Bar” video podcast series, where she engages with legal luminaries, offering deep insights and fostering a personal connection within the professional community. Learn more at

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